Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quickie Review: Part 2

Well let's see I have added two more to my pile of 2010 books! Yay for me! I finished up one and gobbled another one down!

So here I go making quick with the reviews!

First up for the win:
This is the one that I gobbled up completely! I read it on my Nook (first book finished on it btw!) and LOVED it! I have to say I'm a sucker for Zombies, but I'm kind of particular about them. I like it when writer's make them terrifying AND sympathetic so it tugs at my emotions a bit while I read. Zombies used to be people! They just got unlucky and got infected. Now there is a fine line to thinking this way, they can't be all "sparkly" they still need to want to nom on your brains, but the non-infected shouldn't be all "pew pew pew I are kill all the zombehs!" See..I'm particular. This book walked that very fine line and left me with a full belly of good story! This one is right up there with my other favorites for this year! So basically this is a Read it! Read it! Recommendation! :)

Next up, the not too awesome (for me):

This could potentially be a tainted review. I have watched the shows and NEVER opened up a book in the series that launched the show. I love the show to bits! So I was hoping that I'd love the book just as much. Not so much as I found out. :( I can see that these are definitely targeted towards the younger crowd and the show kinda walks that thin line between. The stories would have had me riveted when I was younger, but not so much today. I dragged along trying to finish it. I'm not saying it was horrible because it wasn't, it just wasn't all that wonderful either. I love the show's sense of humor.

Okay okay, I'll just flat out say it..I love Damon. He's just delicious and awesome with his sexy crazy eyes, and you don't get sexy crazy eyes out of a book. He's crazy but he's just mean in the books. So yeah..about the only good thing that I found in the books is I didn't totally hate Stefan. I totally hate Stefan in the show. Yup, this is a completely unbiased review...

So there...One great review and one not so stellar review. Also, leaving you with this:

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