Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Reviews..A Double Shot This Time!

I read a few books for the Fall Read-a-Thon that happened last week.

First up:

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, a book that has received many MANY big sparkly thumbs ups all around the webs. It totally deserves those thumbs up!! Seriously, I loved this book! I kicked myself for not reading it sooner! I had it on my shelf for months now and I never got around to it! *Shame on me!* This one is definitely worth a read and will most likely become one of your new favorites! I will fail so hard if I were to try and describe the emotional journey this book took me on! I felt like a creeper looking over Henry's shoulder as he retold parts of his life's story. The story is vivid and beautiful. I give it another two very shiny and sparkly thumbs up! Get it and read it NOW!

Next Up:

The next one I read was Half Empty by David Rakoff. I cannot say that I loved this one. I liked it. I just couldn't get into it as much, possibly because I read it RIGHT after Hotel, I dunno. I just know that while I liked a few of the essays I couldn't get into the book as a whole. I think that I may not be the right audience for this book.

On a side awesome is the cover?

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  1. I have Bitter and Sweet at home and haven't read it yet...Double shame on me! Thanks for the reviews.


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