Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick Review: The Bone Chamber

The Bone Chamber
was fun. It's action packed and full of suspense. It's the second in the Sydney Fitzpatrick series but I didn't have any problems following the story. There's enough back history provided that things flowed smoothly. I really enjoyed the character development. Griffin and Sydney are great characters with plenty of chemistry! The suspense was well-written and pretty intense. The twists and turns are actually kinda surprising and definitely not formulaic.

The Bone Chamber is definitely for those that have a fondness for action driven stories, with just a dash of (hinted) romance. I enjoyed Burcell's writing and will definitely pick up more of Robin Burcell's books! The phrase "page turner" would be an understatement for this one!!

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  1. It sounds exciting to read. This is one of my favorite genre, suspense. Suspense books makes you keep on turning the pages until you finish it. :)


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