Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And now a word from our Blogger....

Okay that was just a little of what I like to call "Humor" to start off this post. So you probably didn't notice my little absence since last week, but I was without interwebs for a few days! Remember back a few weeks ago when I mentioned our monitor was kicking the bucket? Well the bucket has been kicked...and kicked hard. Woo hoo! So yeah, I was stressing out and going crazy without my internets. My husband was in between jobs and thus in between paychecks, so we couldn't afford a new one. Monday (yesterday) he started his new job at a local Rent-a-Center and came home with a monitor!!! Apparently they had cleaned our their inventory and had one flat screen monitor laying around just waiting for us to pick up and take home! It's not as big as our last one but it works and it's nice! It's not too old so it shouldn't die on us anytime soon. Yay!

My husband is my hero! So with that note, I'm back! I'm working on catching up with the review books I have and whittling my TBRs down, writing reviews, and tweaking this blog. Once we have a few paychecks under our belts and I have a good sense of what spare money we'll have at the end of the month I'll start hosting some giveaways!

So now back to our regularly scheduled blog posts....

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