Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obligatory New Year's Post

2010 is quickly approaching and I'm starting the annual "Oh crap it's time for me to think about Resolutions!" Seriously, every year I plan all these THINGS that I want to accomplish in the new year and every single friggen year they fall to pieces! *sigh* Sooo...anywhoodle. This is what my insanely brilliant mind has come up with for this blog in the new year! These don't sound too far fetched so I just might be able to stick with them!

  • I will post at least 4 times a week (memes, reviews, interviews, etc)
  • I will try to host 1 giveaway a month. (i love doing these things and they rock for traffic)
  • I will try to write longer and more in depth reviews.
  • My rating system will change. I'm working on it right now. My rating system sucks right now and I need something more substantial.
So there. Those are my blog resolutions! My regular ole life resolutions are the typical: I'm gonna loose a bajillion pounds by 2011, etc etc.


  1. After years of struggling to stick to my resolutions, I finally figured out the perfect solution. I made the New Year's resolution not to make any more resolutions. You know what? I've managed to keep that one quite nicely (Heh Heh :o)

  2. i also hate to think about new year resolution coz i cant stick to them really..but having this kind of books blogging really make my life..finally i have some goal to stick least..LOL


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