Saturday, December 5, 2009

Annnnddd We're Off!

And we're off! I picked my book! Made my coffee and am just about to settle down to start!

First book:

It's 8:05 am CST! I'm ready to party! See ya in about an hour or so!

Update 1: 9:00Am
Pages Read: 23 (slow going because I've developed a huge headache. waiting for ibuprofen to kick in)
Snacks Eaten: water and egg drop soup
Breaks Taken: a few. because of my head.
Where I've Been: sitting in my comfy chair.

Update 2: 10:26
Pages Read: 17...sigh. my head is throbbing. looking at the bottle i noticed it's for kids. no other headache medicine int he house and husband is at work all day. i am going to take a little nap and put the read a thon on pause for an hour or so. i'll pick up where i left off.
Snacks Eaten: none
Breaks Taken: many many many
Where I've Been: all over the place
Update 3: 1:00pm (When I start again) I took a nap and plan on starting up at 1pm CST!
Pages Read:42
Snacks Eaten: cheese crackers
Breaks Taken: none! my head is gone! *must be that special voodoo!*
Where I've Been: my comfy chair!
Update 4: start 2:00pm
Pages Read: 40
Snacks Eaten: none
Breaks Taken: none
Where I've Been: still in the chair
Update 5: start at 3pm (still reading Green)
Pages Read: 53
Snacks Eaten: nope
Breaks Taken: none
Where I've Been: at my desk
Update 6: starting at 4pm
Pages Read: 77 almost done with Green
Snacks Eaten: popcorn
Breaks Taken: one to make the popcorn and feed the kid
Where I've Been: kitchen, desk, comfy chair :)
Update 7: 5pm finished Green
Pages Read: 101
Snacks Eaten: none
Breaks Taken: none
Where I've Been: desk
Second Book:
Update 8: 6pm started Confections of a Closet Master Baker
Pages Read: 47
Snacks Eaten: no snacks
Breaks Taken: no breaks
Update 9: 7pm
Pages Read: 79
Snacks Eaten: no snacks
Breaks Taken: no breaks

Update 10: 8pm still on Confections, gonna try to stay up as late as I can. I probably will crash at midnight (ish) but I'll do what I can!
Pages Read: finished Confections with 97 pages/Started on To Beguile a Beast (husband's gonna tease me for this one!!!)
Snacks Eaten: pizza! my husband brought some home from work! yummy! :)
Breaks:1 big one to eat and hang out with mr. man
Third Book:
Update 11: 9pm Reading Beguile a Beast. This will probably be my last update. I can feel myself fading out and my husband's going to take the computer over. I'll stay up a wee bit longer and update tomorrow morning, but I probably won't last til midnight! *sigh* I'm getting old.
Pages Read: 20 pages
Snacks: nothing
Breaks: a couple to get kid ready for bed (he got to stay up past his bedtime!) and clean up the kitchen.

****From now til the end of the night I probably won't be able to update every hour. I WILL update tomorrow with my night's progress, etc. My computer has now been taken over by a kid and will be taken over by a Husband when he comes home! Look for my update tomorrow morning! Good Luck everyone! Have fun! Happy Reading!****


  1. Best of luck today! Hope you get a lot of reading done and get closer to your goal! Have fun!

  2. Oh no, I'm sorry about the headache. I hope it goes away soon.

  3. That's too bad about your headache. I had a killer one the very first read-a-thon I did and it made it hard to concentrate. Hope your drugs kick in soon! :)

  4. I hope you get a good nap in. Headaches are the worst, hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

  5. Sadness! Sending cheerful, healing voodoo your way (said voodoo involves me eating ice cream in your honor. I suffer for you).

  6. Ugh. I've been dealing with reading while suffering from a headache all morning, as well. Good for you for taking care of yourself and getting some rest. I hope you are enjoying your time reading!

  7. Will you be reading all night? I'm going to try. I just finished four cups of coffee.

    I'm glad your headache's gone. That'll help with your reading.

  8. Congrats on finishing a book! Here's hoping you get in a good night of reading. :)

  9. I crashed around 1 am on the Dewey Read-a-Thon. And that was after four cups of coffee at 8:30 pm! Hopefully we can both stay up longer.

  10. Yum! I wish my husband had brought home pizza. You've done really great! Way to go!


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