Friday, June 26, 2009

Slow Week

This week's updating and reading has been slow and for that I apologize. My son went to stay at his Grandpa's house for a couple of days so Me and the Mr. had a nice kid-free two days. We slept in, stayed out too late, and watched too many movies. So those days were wonderfully non-productive. The rest of the week was getting back into the swing of things and playing catch up. I have not succeeded yet. And sadly my poor blog has paid the price. My lack of blogging this week is reflected by one sad little What Are you Reading Monday post, sitting there all alone. Needless to say the fires have been lit under my butt and I WILL be caught up by tomorrow night! Yup, I'm switching it to serious mode and catching up on my reading, reviews, and posting! Schweet!

I have a few fun things coming up next week. A few blog tours and TWO more giveaways! So stay tuned!

ps-random picture has no relation to the post. just was for the lolz

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  1. Cute Pic....We all need some down time... have fun live life, its short before you know it you'll be 46 like me, or worse. Ouch!
    So I downloaded firefox today so I can see your blog... its internet explorer that was the problem, just in case you encounter it with someone else.
    I will be properly responding to your first give aways soon. :)


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