Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review-Viva Cisco

From Amazon:
Nearly true tales of a really cool parrot

"Viva Cisco" is a trilogy of funny stories for kids at the Age 10-13 reading level. All three tales unfold in a land called Topopootl, which lies in a hidden valley deep in the heart of Mexico. Because of its seclusion, the inhabitants have created a society without the benefit of human contact, and they don't seem to have missed out on anything important in the absence of that dubious blessing. In fact, they probably have more pure merriment and boisterous excitement than any human community could ever conceive. Much of the credit for that, though, must be laid at the feet of Topopootl's most..uh.. stimulating citizen, one Cisco las Verde Arara del Gucigalpa. Aka, Cisco the Parrot.

My review:
This book if full of cute stories that'll be fun for both parents and kids. Cisco has a very boring job, or so he thinks, and so one day he decides to change that. He embarks on a journey to find fame, fortune, and most importantly..his true purpose in life. I read this book to my son (who is five) and he was loving it! He actually re-named his stuffed parrot Cisco! I also found myself chuckling as I read along and couldn't stop reading. It's an adorable story and definitely something that I will save for my son when he gets older. 4/5 stars

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