Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Review-The Link

The Link by Colin Tudge

Ida is the 47 million year old fossil that is the main focus of The Link by Colin Tudge. She could potentially be the missing link between primates and ourselves. This exciting discovery answers many questions (and raises some new ones) for scientists.
I'm usually not one to pick up a non-fiction book, let alone a non-fiction SCIENCE book, but this one really sparked my interest! I have to admit that reviewing a book on a topic such as this is hard for me, basically because I'm not that big of a science nerd. I'm not gonna lie it was a little intimidating, yet, this book was written in a way that even people like me could read and understand! Yes, at times it can take a little effort to chug through but it is very much worth it!
It did take me a little longer to read this book (about two and a half days) but my husband put this book away in 2 hours! (He's a bigger science geek than I am!) If you enjoy science then this book should be on the top of your list!
This is a book that almost anyone can read and enjoy! I give it a 4/5!

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  1. I love this kind of stuff too! I will have to add The Link to my tbr pile (once I whittle it down a bit, LOl). Thanks for posting this great review though, I wouldn't have searched this book out on my own.


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