Thursday, January 10, 2013

Read-a-thon: Bout of Books Day 4 and 5

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

Thurs Jan. 10th and 11th:
Look at me being all on a rolly! I've read (well read one and finished the other) 2 books so far! I know yesterday was gonna be devoted to my read-a-longs, but that will be today! Last night I was tooo entranced in The Kingmakers to read anything else, then I got all headachy so yeah..bedtime for me was ridiculously early. *hangs head in shame*
So read-a-thon on party peoples!

Update: I'm adding yesterday and today (11th) together, because my totals...the suckage they be!
The above is a good representation of my dancing ability.

Update 1: (10th)
Book:  Les Miserables (or as I like to call it..THE BRICK)...I will attempt to read til page 159, but I may slip into a coma before then...we shall see!
Review Written: NO
Notes: 2 pages y'all! 1 of them was like a half of a

So today I'm still gonna try and read my read-a-longables...I don't work til 5pm today with only a few household workings sprinkled in..oh and some distracting left over masaman curry, and an episode of American Horror Story to catch up on. But otherwise...

Update 1: (11th)
Book:  Les Miserables...the brick is back yo!
Review Written:

Day's Totals:
Books Finished:2
Pages Read: 560


  1. Come oooon, you can do it! I'm sneaking my way through Jane Eyre, so it's nice to have another slow 'n' steady classics buddy along for the ride! Hope the headache stays off - all this page and screen time this week keeps giving me one too, so I do sympathise... We shall sit together in a quiet read-a-thonny corner, chug away at our books, and swap painkillers and coffee when our need is most urgent. *offers cookies* :)

  2. Sincerely hope you don't slip into a coma over Les Miserables! No desire to read that one at all....but that's probably because I'm hopeless at reading "classics" and get brain freeze whenever I try. :(

    1. i slipped. it was a slip caused by a trip to my favorite restaurant, the grocery store, and then elementary *oh the feels I've felt!**


    Every time I see that bit of the film I just want to yell "somebody, be nice to him, you big bunch of meanies!" :'(

  4. It is always hard to read such long books for read-a-thons because you feel like you don't get a lot done.
    I hope you make it through some other books though.

    Happy reading!


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