Monday, January 21, 2013

Read-a-thon: A Winter's Respite Updates

Okay party peeps! I'm back at it again! This time the "thon is being hosted by my loverly friend Michelle and this time I've got 2 mountains of books (but they look really good!) Soooo here goes my friend!

Oh, and throughout the day I'll be chatting/checking in on the people reading too! The hashtag thingamabob for this is #WintersRespite

So without furter ado:

1st Check-in:
Book: The City of Earthly Desires -FINISHED! Thanks to a cable/internet outage in my area! 

2nd Check-in: 
Book: Wicked Wives-


  1. Great to have you with me again! Not that I ever had any doubt. ;O) Good luck with your reading this week.


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