Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: The Hobbit

I am sure I do not have to put a blurb here, as I'm sure nearly everyone has heard of this book and/or watched the movie(s) already. Yes, I read this as a read-a-long read. I had tried a few times to read this but never actually finished. My husband is a big fan of this series and was excited that I was committed to reading it.

I started reading this and was amazed that I was LOVING it as much as I was. When I had tried before I only got past the third page and pittered out. I LOVE Bilbo. Seriously this hobbit is delightful! He starts off as some country bumpkin.."I only want to eat all the breakfastses and relax on my super comfy armchair!" and ends up all

I was amazed not only at Tolkien's writing GENIUS, but also at my stupidity for giving up like a dirty rotten quitter. I mean there are beautifully, smartly, funnily (is that a word? oh according to it IS a word!) books and then there is THIS one. It's like on a level of awesomesauce that is beyond awesomesauce.

Bilbo and Gandalf are my tag team in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Seriously, a crafty hobbit and a wizard will TRUMP everyone! I have to say I saw the movie after I started reading and from thence forth every time Kili was mentioned I pictured THIS DILF (dwarf I'd like too...FILL IN THE BLANKS PEOPLE)
damn son, why you so fine?

So this book was full of adventures and whimsy and was DELIGHTFUL. I am going to continue the series, slowly of course because that's my reading speed sadly.

I loved it with a capital L! My heart belongs to Gandalf, because homie is the fierciest wizard ever!


  1. Sad to say that I still haven't read this one. But oh my....that's a dwarf??? Kili is hawt! Am going to try and read this before seeing the movie. Great review!

  2. The Hobbit is one of my all time favorites!

  3. My son read this last year and loved it. I'm not sure how I've gotten this far in life and not read Tolkien yet. I need to remedy that situation!


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