Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Read-a-thon: A Winter's Respite

Okie dokie artichokie, I know I've been MIA on this read-a-thon, but I have good reasonings! Monday in the middle of my work shift all my cables/internets vanished on me! Poof! No webs or tvs for the whole day!

This was me the whole time...I kid not. 

Anywho, other than mindnumbing boredom and panicking over not being able to work, I DID read a lot. Me and the kidlet monster laid out on the couch and twas delightful! 

So far this 'thon I've gotten 2 books read! Today I am off work and taking a trip to my sister's house so I can FINALLY meet my new niece y'all! I LOVE new humans! Babies! Ermaghad! 

So the booktype objects I'll be taking with me are as follows:

  • One Grave at a Time
  • Unholy Testament-ebook
  • Murder on Mars-ebook
  • The Woman in White-not an ebook but is a book that qualifies for a challenge
  • Persuasion
NO the trip is NOT that long, but my husband plays ANNOYING music when he's driving so I will have to drowned out the NOISE!

So there you have it! Mah plans! After I am done cuddling and contemplating how to sneak the babeh back home with me...I will be reading all night!


  1. Teacup humans! Awwww. We have a card at work that says "Babies are such a nice way to start people." It's a Don Herold quote, I think, and I CONCUR. Have fun with Persuasion, it's my favourite Austen (so far - two to go!) and always makes me go all slushy. :)

  2. I'm here to look with my special eyes. ;O) What caused you to lose your webby/tv-ey stuff? That would suck royally, but would be great on the reading front. Hey, maybe it needs to happen to me. Oops! I need my internet to do my job every day. Better not hope for that. LOL!

    How great that you're getting to go meet your niece! Babies...cue Spongebob starry eyes...I love babies. Have fun!

    You've been doing great on the read-a-thon. Keep it up, girl!

  3. Have fun meeting the new baby! Be sure to smell her, as babies have the best smell ever! Though I think her parents would notice if you tried to sneak her home with you. *L*


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