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Jadeite’s Journey
by Lucinda Stein
Genre: YA Scifi
Release date: January 24th 2017
Inkspell Publishing

When romance turns deadly…

Jadeite’s perfect world comes crashing down on her. In the futuristic world of United Society, her only problem has been how to act around the cute boy on the air shuttle. But Jadeite’s world changes when she comes across a man who looks alarmingly like her father. Clones were declared illegal years ago. When she sees her father, a robotic engineer, headed to the Dark Edge of United Society, she follows him and uncovers her father’s secret life.

Jadeite shadows her father past the boundary of United Society and into a primitive world of canyons and high deserts. She learns her father is a Ridge Runner passing between the two worlds. Even more alarming, she discovers her younger brother, Malachite, is sick and requires medicine only available from over the Ridge. After her father is arrested, Jadeite takes his place in order to save her brother’s life.

But her world turns even more precarious after she breaks up with her obsessive boyfriend, Mattie. Jadeite soon learns his threats are more than words, and she finds her life is in jeopardy.

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A school librarian for over twenty years, Stein now writes full time. Sanctuary: Family, Friends, & Strangers was a 2015 Colorado Book Award finalist. Three Threads Woven, was a 2010 WILLA Finalist. Her story, Sulfur Springs, won First Place in the 2011 LAURA Short Fiction competition. Her stories have appeared in Pooled Ink, The South Dakota Review, Fine Lines, and Women Writing the West online.
When not writing, she hikes desert canyons and alpine trails. She loves anything vintage, her shelter-rescued dog, Opie, and, most of all, her husband, Rob.

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My Review: 
This book was pretty awesome! The society that Jadeite and her family lives in is one that on the surface seems perfect, but hidden deep underneath that surface lies swirl. Jadeite finds out that her family isn't what it seems, and her life changes quite suddenly!

This book was a fun read from the start. The plot progresses very nicely and kept me reading. At one point, my kindle died and I immediately switched to my ipad so I could keep reading. THAT is how engrossed I was!

What kept me reading was the story itself. Yes, Jadeite is a great character and her actions throughout were smart and logical, but it was the story that got me. Two different societies, not necessarily at war with each other but so starkly different. On one side you have what looks to be a perfect society, and on the other what at first glance appears to be primitive. Why would someone choose to life a life of uncertainty and danger? Freedom. That was the underlying theme of this book. Would you give up everything that makes you, you just to have peace and security?

Those themes, great writing, and well developed characters make this book so much fun! I do recommend it!


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