Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stuff and Thangs...

So, I've been away for a bit. *guilty whistling* Yup, just a weeee lil bit. No worries, I'm not about to close up shop on Must Read Faster. I just did a major thing. We moved. We have been settled in our new place for about 3 days now and things are starting to settle down. We kind of had to move quite quickly because our landlord was kinda a jerk and decided to tease us about a place of hers that we wanted to rent.

It kind of went like "Hey do you like this place? Yeah, we're fixing it up. We want you to stay neighbors, so why don't you look at the place? You like it? Okay cool, you can have it when we're done fixing up the place!" Then like a week later, "Well we decided not to keep ANY of our places including yeah like gtfo in a month please." Yup, so we had about a month to find a new place within our budget that would let us keep our cats without having to sell our first born son to afford it. Which we did!

So here we be.

What does this stuff and thangs mean for MRF? Well now I'm not stressing out and can actually relax enough to read a damn book! So look for more posts, more reviews, more awesome stuff and thangs! *Okay I promise I'm done quoting Rick Grimes!*

Bye bye for now!

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