Wednesday, January 7, 2015

~Bout of Books~ Read-A-Thon Day 3

Bout of Books
Guys! This "back to school" business is killing me! I swore to myself I wouldn't fall into the "yay the kid is on break let's not wake up at 5am now!" trap..but alas..I did! So now the transition back into waking up early is killing me!

I wanted to read about 100 pages in Emma, but I failed. I did read, but no where close to 100 pages. :( I did however make it to my read-a-long twitter chat! I only stayed for part of it because my eyes were twitching, but I made it! Woot!

Today I'm going to aim for 25-30 pages in Emma (pg. 64) and 25 pages of Fall On Your Knees (pg. 162).

Anything over that is gravy. :) Way to aim low huh? lol

Anyways, here's my stats so far:

Day 1 Progress:

Books read: 0
Pages read: 70
Day 2 Progress:
Books Read: 0
Pages read: 79
Day 3 Progress:
Books Read:
Pages read: 

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  1. 50 pages out of 2 books sounds good to me! I loved Fall on Your Knees. Good luck in your readathon!


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