Friday, December 21, 2012

Check it Out! 99 Authors! 99 Books! Only 99 Cents!

Below are some of the participating authors:

Young Adult:
Jillian Dodd
Michelle Warren
Andrea Randall
Tiffany King
Ashley Wilcox
Jen Sterling
Sarah Billington
Lani Wendt Young
Michelle Mankin
Other authors:
C J Lyons
Diane Capri
Bob Mayer
Jen Talty
Steena Holmes
B C Burgess
Christine DeMaio-Rice
Cheryl Bradshaw
Maggie Myers
Elena Aitken
Melissa Brown
Charles Sheehan-Miles
Tammy Coons
Blaine Reimer
Colin Falconer
C A Kunz
Raine Thomas
C C Mackenzie
Suzanne Rock
Patricia Sands
Joanna Penn

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