Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reading Goals: Weekend Edition

Good Saturday morning weblets! I has weekend reading plans! Yup! Grand plans that will probably fail, but I will do my best to make sure that they fail BEAUTIFULLY! Are you ready for them?

Read-a-long Plans
  • Rebecca-Ch. 1-4 (whole book should be done by July 17th)
  • Anna Karenina pt. 1 & 2 (read these by July 7th
  • Middlemarch (this should have been finished by the end of June, but I'm going to shoot for Friday)
Review Books and Library Books: 
  • The Death Cure (library)-finish
  • Wishbone-(ebook) due July 6th
  • Going Bovine-(library) start
 So yes, my plans are grand, but I will do what I can do! What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. I'm halfway done with the reading for Anna Karenina, only because I read it when I failed miserably at Wallace's read-a-long. LOL! If you're shooting for Friday on Middlemarch, I will do the same. =O)

    Good luck with your reading. I'm going to see Magic Mike today, but when I get home later the reading is on!

    1. hmmm...Joe Manblahblah whatever his name is..from true blood looks delicious!


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