Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready? Set? GO!!!! Read-a-Thon is ON!

Oh yeah baby! It's 6am and I'm awake and ready for some READING! I got my coffee, my comfy chair, my notebook and pen, and my book! I'm going to start with (or finish) The Passage by Justin Cronin. I'm about halfway through so I'm aiming to finish it up!

I'll aim to update this post every hour or so..depends on if the kid has taken the computer over while I'm reading. I've got snacks, simple quick meals and tea made up! I'm going to try not to make a HUGE hog out of myself this time. Last RaT I snarfed down a ton of junk food so I'm going to try not to go down that route again. Anyway, here we go! Good luck everyone! Have fun and I'll see you in another hour with some updates!

Update 1:
Book: The Passage by Justin Cronin started at page 307 and read til 333 this hour..not the greatest start but good enough!
Pages Read: 26
Snacks: nothing but coffee and water so far

Update 2:
(Probably won't post every hour but will update on time)
Book: still the Passage
Pages Read: 37
Snacks: i ate breakfast..grits and some coffee lol

Update 3:
Book: still the Passage
Pages Read: 42
Snacks: shared some popcorn with the kiddo..drank some coke

Update 4:
Book: The Passage
Pages Read: 38 (lots of distractions this hour..)
Snacks: fruit bites and tea

Update 5:
The Passage
Pages Read: 29
Snacks: none

Update 6:
Book: The Passage
Pages Read: 49
Snacks: Cereal

Update 7: Break for Two hours (nap and lunch)

Update 8:
Book: Took a break from the Passage and picked up The Keeper by Kathi Appeltt
Pages Read: finished it! cute story, very quick read! 402
Snacks: none

Update 9:
Book: Back to the Passage
Pages Read: 69
Snacks: none

Update 10:
Book: Passage-hopefully done...this book is massive!!!
Pages: 77
Snacks: none

Update 11:
Book: finally finished the Passage! (great book! review coming soon!) /Started How Clarissa Burden Learned To Fly by Connie May Fowler
Pages: 51
Snacks: None

Took a break for dinner with the family from 7pm-9pm. Starting back at 10pm after Little Man goes to bed!

Update 12:
Book: Clarissa
Pages: 93
Snacks: None

Update 13:
Book: Clarissa- FINISHED
Pages: 146
Snacks: None

Update 14: Started on Firefly Rain but it was about midnight by this time and my brain was dead so I called it a night.

Read-a-Thon totals:

Pages: 1059
Books finished: 3
Hours Read: about 15 (ish) my log got kinda fuzzy after 11pm lol.

All in all, I wished I could have concentrated more. I didn't get as much reading in as I'd have liked but it was fun! I can't wait for the next one!


  1. Good luck! I'll be cheering you on all day!

  2. Excellent start! Glad to see an update already - you can do it!

  3. Isn't The Passage huge? I am very impressed you chose that for the read-a-thon! Happy reading!

  4. It's massive! I'm a little passed the halfway point now! lol

  5. Have a great read-a-thon. Nothing's better than a day devoted to reading :)

  6. ooo... popcorn... now that sounds really yummy right about now... good luck with your book... looking forward to hearing about it =D

  7. My Book
    by David L. Harrison

    I did it!
    I did it!
    Come and look at what I've done!
    I read a book!
    When someone wrote it
    Long ago
    For me to read,
    How did he know
    That this was the book
    I'd take from the shelf
    And lie on the floor
    And read by myself?
    I really read it!
    Just like that!
    Word by word,
    From first to last!

  8. In a Story Book

    At night when sunshine goes away,
    And it's too dark for me to play,
    I like to come inside, and look
    For new friends in a story book.

  9. Thanks to everyone that cheered me on! This was so fun!


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