Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's Up With That?

.....successful ingredients to a strong marriage......

I know my blog hasn't been all that active this last week. I have a really good excuse though! I do! My son AND my husband have been sick! We found out yesterday that the boy has Strep throat and probably the man does too. Awesome! I don't know what it is about men but they become babies if they are sick. So I have been taking care of two babies all week. The little man got a shot of good old penicillin so he should be good to go tomorrow (at least that's what the doctor says) and the big man says he's feeling better. So that's my excuse!

My blog isn't dead. I'm not done yet! I have plenty of Blog Tours for you coming up between now and December 16th! Six of them to be exact! Plus I'm planning a few little goodies here and there to spice up the holidays a bit! Next week I'll catch up with all the fun meme's I've been missing!

So that's me..hope you guys haven't quit me already! :)

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