Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankfully Reading Weekend Update 1

Well I haven't started reading just yet. I'm about to pop some popcorn, feed the kidlet, and get my book pile ready! I've got a few blog tour books to crack into but there are some of my own that are calling my name.

  • The Scottish Thistle-blog tour book
  • Samson's Walls-review
  • Just Breeze-blog tour book
  • Defenders of the Scroll-review book
  • Hades Daughter-bought book
  • Divorce Sucks-review book
  • Searching for Whitopia-review book
These aren't set in stone but what I'd like to get read. Several are very VERY thick so I probably will not get to those but I'll give it a try!


  1. Popcorn sounds like a great snack to enjoy while reading. :-) I just finished my breakfast and am ready to settle in and read for awhile. You've got a great list of books there. I hope you have a great weekend of reading!

  2. Thankfully Reading came along at the perfect time, I have a bunch of review books/books for challenges/books I borrowed from friends that I want to get through. Happy reading!


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