Thursday, June 1, 2023

Sci-Fi Summer Readathon


Seasons of Reading

Hosted by Seasons of Reading blog. 

\Time to start our science fiction (fantasy) month! Ready?
Since science fiction is a very specific genre, this will be strictly reading science fiction during the event. However, since fantasy is so closely related to the genre (often grouped together), if you feel more comfortable reading fantasy, that is also fine.

I'm not completely counting out a Sci-Fi read, but I do prefer to enjoy Fantasy so my list will mostly consist of that. 
There's also a readalong of Brave New World, but since I have recently finished that one I will be sitting that part out. 

My tentative list:

  • Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon FINISHED
  • Prophecy by E.H-STARTED 
  • Destiny by E.H
  • Elantris by Brandon Sanderson 
  • Wake Me After The Apocalypse by Jordan Rivet (SciFi) 

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