Monday, June 27, 2016

Eliot-Along! -Read-a-Long during June and July!

I'm in! I am starting now (Day off!) and hoping to have my updates each Monday or Tuesday for the previous week's reading.

The schedule is like so:

June 27th - July 3rd - Chapter 1 - end of 14 (or all of Miss Brooke and the first two chapters of Old and Young)

July 4th - 10th - Chapter 15 - end of 28 (or the rest of Old and Young and six chapters of Waiting for Death)

July 11th - 17th - Chapter 29 -end of 42 (the rest of Waiting for Death and all of Three Love Problems)

July 18th - 24th - Chapter 43 - end of 56 (all of The Dead Hand and the first three chapters of The Widow and the Wife) 

July 25th - 31st - Chapter 57 - end of 70 (the rest of The Widow and the Wife and eight chapters of Two Temptations) 

August 1st - 7th - Chapter 71 - End

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