Monday, May 23, 2016

Rebel Sisters by Marita Conlon-McKenna (Review)

Rebel Sisters

With the threat of the First World War looming, tension simmers under the surface of Ireland.
Growing up in the privileged confines of Dublin’s leafy Rathmines, the bright, beautiful Gifford sisters Grace, Muriel and Nellie kick against the conventions of their wealthy Anglo-Irish background and their mother Isabella’s expectations. Soon, as war erupts across Europe, the spirited sisters find themselves caught up in their country’s struggle for freedom.

Muriel falls deeply in love with writer Thomas MacDonagh, artist Grace meets the enigmatic Joe Plunkett – both leaders of ‘The Rising’ – while Nellie joins the Citizen Army and bravely takes up arms, fighting alongside Countess Constance Markievicz in the rebellion.

On Easter Monday, 1916, the biggest uprising in Ireland for two centuries begins. The world of the Gifford sisters and everyone they hold dear will be torn apart in a fight that is destined for tragedy.
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Marita Conlon-McKenna is a hugely successful Irish children’s writer. Her first novel, UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE, sold 250,000 copies in the Irish market alone. Her debut adult novel, THE MAGDALEN, was a number one bestseller in Ireland, followed by PROMISED LAND, MIRACLE WOMAN, THE STONE HOUSE and THE HAT SHOP ON THE CORNER. She lives in Dublin with her husband and four children.

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My Review:  
After reading this I have discovered how little I know about Irish History. With that being said, I did not feel like I was lost at all during this book. The author did all sorts of crazy extensive research, so the events make sense to those that are history dummies. Thank you ma'am!

There is a lot of backstory here, which helps with the above mentioned problem, but it works. This is not a short book, but it felt short. I mean that in a good way! I gobbled this book up completely in one whole day!

The sisters were pretty badass. I enjoyed "watching" them grow up and move past their wealthy upbringing to join the rebellion and fight for what they believed it.

This is my first book by McKenna, and I can tell it won't be the last. I enjoyed her writing style and obvious love for this subject.

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