Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#WintersRespite #Readathon End of The Thon

It's Day 2!!! I'm already pleased with my progress. I've finished one book and have made a dent in another one! Gooo Me!

UPDATE: I had a crazy long, crazy stressful, crazy tiring day at work yesterday...I didn't get much reading in and that SUCKED so hard! I'm combining days 2 and 3 into this post. 

Book 2:

Start Page: 85
End Page: 
Total Stats
Books finished-1
Pages Read:  295

I finished one book, but I technically failed because I didn't read much after Weds. We had quite a rough week at work. A co-worker got fired. I am having to hurry up and finish my training so I can actually work the place by myself, etc. It's been very stressful, but I am happy I finished a book! Woo hoo, right? 

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