Friday, February 20, 2015

~Kill My Reading Slump ALL WEEK!!! Read-a-thon~

I have decided to do this all week! WOO WOO!

You people do not even know how poorly I have done this month! I have read/reviewed a few books, but I have been so behind that I'm a sad girl. Like seriously, sad.

actual picture of me just now..
So I decided to take it upon myself to kick the crap outta this reading slump and just go balls to the walls reading! So this week I'm stacking up some books, making huge ass pots of coffee, tall glasses of whatever booze I can (gotta lubricate the brain!) and karate chopping my TBR in half! (or trying my darnedest)


1st Book:
GROWL by Ashley Fontainne (review coming soon!)

2nd Book:
Admit to Mayhem by D. J. Adamson (review coming soon!)

3rd Book:

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  1. I wish I had known you were going to do this! I would've joined you! Instead I am correcting paperwork and figuring out next week's assignments. I hope you get a lot of reading done!


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