Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Me! Read-a-thon End Results!

Must Read Faster

I did good! I read 1 book and started on 2 more! I got in a good day of "me time" when my husband took the kidlet to work with him. I will admit to NOT spending a good chunk of that time reading as I should. Instead I watched a Veronica Mars marathon! *I read in between commercials!*

So my totals are as such:
Books Finished: 1
Pages: 451 pages

Not the greatest, but I had a GREAT time for my birthday weekend! It was relaxing. It was lazy. It was fun! And last but not least I ended the weekend by watching The Walking Dead and seeing
I mean seriously?! What more could  a girl want!? Bam! Thanks for making my birthday special!


  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

    I totally agree! Daryl is THE man! And feeding that baby was super sexy. I bet every woman watching that swooned!

    1. I joked with my husband and said (during that scene) "And now thousands of women are instantly pregnant!"


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