Monday, August 23, 2010

Time for The Monday Minute

Monday Minute

*Favorite 80s flick?

I know it's like LATE 80's but I was only born in 1980 so

*One genre of music needs to be banned. Which genre?

I'm gonna have to say Country music. Lately it's sounded just like pop except with a "twang" so why call it Country? I'm not a fan of the genre but the older music sounded distinct. Nowadays, I can't tell Taylor Swift from Miley..

*All time favorite candy?

Godiva's White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (sooo good)

*How 'flawed' is your driving record?

I don't drive often so I think I've only gotten one ticket.

*What was high school mascot?

Corner High School Yellow Jackets! Buzz!

What color socks are you wearing?

I'm not wearing any socks! mwhahahah! I'm wearing my ballet flats! :)


  1. Heather's was another great movie.

  2. Wow Godiva's White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle sounds really ohhhh sooo good.

    Btw. im your newest follower now from Monday Minute.

  3. Hey I'm wearing ballet flats right now as well!
    I'm gonna go check out all these 80's movies, because aside from two that I've seen I haven't seen them. I'm so sheltered.

  4. You're the second blog I've read this morning that had a yellowjacket as it's mascot. Did you two go to the same school? LOL.

  5. I loved Heathers, too. We were the Spencer High School Yellow Jackets. LOL


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