Saturday, January 23, 2010

In the Mail

So this week has been SWEET for me (bad for my mail carrier!) Loads of awesome new books have poured in and I'm so geeked!

Here they are:
Arcadia Falls-Carol Goodman-review copy
Freaks and Revelations-Davida Wills Hurwin (won from Frenetic Reader)
Stone of Tears-Terry Goodkind-goodreads swap (for the sword of truth challenge)
Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider-Ellen C. Maze-review copy
Size Eight in a Size Zero World-Meredith Cagen-Review copy
A Black Tie Affair-Sherill Bodine-review copy
Gutshot Straight-Lou Berney-review copy
The Bone Chamber-Robin Burcell-review copy
The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish and Mr. Choli's River Trip by Chris Wardle-review


  1. i read some good reviews on a black tie affair. hope you'll like it too..and WOW!you have loads of good books to be read..happy reading.. =p

  2. I've seen Arcadia Falls in quite a few mailboxes today. It looks interesting. Enjoy all your new books!


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