Monday, February 11, 2013

Wicked Valentine's Read-a-thon: 2/11

Oh yeah! I'm on a roll! I apparently was not trying to make a funny by saying I am on fire. I finished ANOTHER book last night whilst waiting on my sweetie to come home so we can watch The Walking Dead! So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good, but definitely really tired. I've read 5 books (some where short!) so far. I'll probably lose steam sometime around....oh NOW! but I'm gonna continue to trudge on.

I'm so proud of me! :)

Today I'm gonna be focusing on catching up with the Crime and Punishment read-a-long! I know it's not quite so light and fluffy, but that's why I'm gonna take a nap before starting! Cuz I'm wise that way! (and also because I'm old and staying up way past 10pm,  4 consecutive days in a row makes me sleepy-much!)


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