Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blog Tour: The Chronicles of Trellah (Review Coming Soon)

The Chronicles of Trellah, Book One: The Perpetual Rain

Fourteen-year-old Sophina Murray will be the first to tell you: Bad luck comes in threes. First, her father is lost at sea. Then, the rains start . And don’t stop. And finally, her little brother
is taken from his bed by a monster straight from her worst nightmare. A glimpse into the parallel universe of Trellah – a land of giant trees, bizarre creatures, and a glowing red mineral with mystical properties – convinces Sophina that all may not be lost. But first, she’ll have to survive in a hostile world where her darkest fears live and breathe.


Gail Murray climbed over a fallen evergreen and approached Hillside Cemetery, which bordered the path halfway between the Grange Hall and the lake. Just as the white-capped water began to peek through the trees, she saw something that made her falter. Several shadows rushed toward her over the granite headstones—shapeless blurs of shadows.
She rubbed her eyes and looked again. They couldn’t be shadows, because there wasn’t a hint of sunlight coming through the rainclouds. Without light there could be no shadows, she reasoned.
But that’s exactly what they were: shadows that were a touch darker than their surroundings. As the blobs streaked closer, narrow protrusions shot out of them, taking on the horrifying shapes of arms and hands. And faces—faces without expression screamed at her without making a sound as she screamed back.
The hands plunged into her body with a faint yet sickening sensation, like icy cobwebs were being dragged through her flesh. She didn’t realize that she had started to run until she exploded out of a smoky haze and the trees came back into view. The shadows had enveloped her, inside and out. More muddled shapes descended from the canopy as she staggered along the trail, dredging their vaporous appendages deep into her head and chest. She even thought she heard one of them groan.
Then they were gone. Gail fell onto the wet sand of Glacier Lake beach and looked back to find dozens of shadow blobs lurking behind the tree line. She sobbed as she brushed her hands over her body, trying to remove the sinister cobwebs that were stuck deep within her tissue. But the feeling lingered.

Due to sickness I was unable to review, but I will have my review posted here ASAP! Please keep an eye out for it!

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  1. I'm intrigued by a strong heroine and the world-building!



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