Friday, February 1, 2013

***Attention Authors and Publishers****

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting review pitches. I truly do. It makes my geeky little blogger heart super duper happy, BUT I am just one person here. I work full time, keep a house from turning into a garbage heap, am taking an anatomy class *VOLUNTARILY FOR NO CREDIT*, and oh yeah..that whole mommy/wife business! Sooo needless to say, I am at a shortage of time. No I am not closing my schedule for requests, BUT I am making it clear that I am booked up until about April.

Check my blog schedule (HERE) and up top on the top toolbar, and you should see what I mean. Does this mean you shouldn't send me a pitch? Nope. Just understand that I probably won't be able to review your book this month (or next.) So if you are still comfy cool with that then go ahead and send me your pitch! Make my geeky heart happy.

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  1. I check my schedule and let the author/publisher know the earliest date. If I can get to the review sooner then fabulous but we can only do what we can! Fortunately there are such wonderful authors/publishers out there that I've never had a bad response. :D I love the idea of setting your schedule online though!


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