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Blog Tour: O! Jackie Reivew and Guest Post


Title: O! Jackie

Author - Mercedes King

Date to be Published: 12/29/2012


 Despite her poise and graceful smile, Jackie Kennedy’s life was far from perfect. Behind closed doors, Jackie struggled with bouts of depression, endured a heartbreaking road to motherhood, and had difficult relationships with those closest to her. Ravaged by insecurities and humiliation, she even wrestled her own temptations for both other men and divorce. But Jackie clung to the belief that she could make JFK abandon his wandering ways. Through the years, though, Jack Kennedy’s lustful escapades grew in carelessness and frequency, and most needling for Jackie were his trysts with Marilyn Monroe. When Marilyn becomes erratic and unstable, Jackie must decide how far she will go to protect the presidency and to save her marriage. 

Author Bio:

A founding member of Sisters in Crime Columbus, Ohio, Mercedes King is an active member and past president. She graduated from Capital University with a degree in Criminology, and since then has been crafting stories with a scandalous flair. A born and bred Buckeye, she writes in a variety of genres and is hard at work on her next novel. 

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My Thoughts:
I wasn't sure what to expect with this one, it sounded interesting! It was! This is certainly a juicy story and one that I'm sure anyone who is fascinated by the Kennedy's and Marilyn Monroe will enjoy! I really feel that Mercedes King captured what it was most likely like to be Jackie. I really liked it. It held my attention, it piqued my interest and kept me reading!

Guest Post:
What Makes Marilyn Monroe Unforgettable?

Here we are, fifty years after Marilyn Monroe’s tragic death, and the actress still has a strong following and thriving fan base. Many starlets of today may see a spike in their fame, even a rise in popularity throughout their careers…but how many of them will be selling memorabilia long after their departure? Few, if any. So what was it that gave Marilyn Monroe legendary status? Why do people keep tributes, tattoo themselves with her image, and refuse to let go?
It’s simple. Marilyn was as blessed as she was cursed, ordinary as she was extraordinary, had it all, then died suddenly, tragically, with nothing.
She started out as Norma Jeane, doing her part for the war effort when she was ‘discovered’ by a photographer. Through the years she transformed from a nobody into the actress, Marilyn Monroe. People want to believe fame and fortune can find them, too. But for Marilyn, her time in Hollywood was a roller coaster. Stage fright plagued her, some of her movies bombed, true love evaded her. She wooed a president, intoxicated a nation, but critics panned her, troubles stalked her.
We would like to believe that all the spunk and flirtatiousness she shared with the world meant that she was happy and fulfilled, when in reality, Marilyn was vulnerable and lonely.
Her story ends suspiciously, under mysterious circumstances. Did she commit suicide, or was someone else responsible for her death? The truth is we want to know but never will. 

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  1. Thanks for letting me 'stop by' and share O! Jackie. It's a bit of a risk, writing about famous people and tampering with history, but hopefully, readers will enjoy it. The Kennedys, their scandals--and Marilyn--never seem to get old. Thanks again! I really appreciate it.


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