Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: Double Dealing: When Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures

Scott is a master of the universe at a Manhattan venture capital firm.

He has the requisite nerves of steel and the connections to be a serious player. What he lacks is the big score, the deal that will put his name on the map. And time is ticking down. In the wake of the Wall Street crash of ’08, his mentor, Jordan Holstein, has been forced out, and Scott’s been passed over for partner. It won’t be long before he’s out on the street himself. His home life isn’t much better.

Then redemption arrives in the form of a techno geek Stanford undergrad with a $500 million dollar idea.

All Scott has to do is catch a flight to San Francisco and get the kid to sign on the dotted line. But before he can do that, international corporate powers, motivated as much by nationalistic fervor as by the bottom line, intervene, and Scott finds himself fleeing capture in the Sierra Nevadas. Over the course of this fast-paced novel, Scott’s life, and those of his friends, family, and colleagues are put at risk and changed inalterably.

Double Dealing is a thrilling story of high finance and international intrigue that will keep you up late, rapt until the last page.

My Thoughts: 
I have to admit this was sort of a slow start for me. I know nothing about the finance world and the people that are high stakes players in this industry! I do however love a good story. Once I was able to ease past the slowish start, which by the way didn't take long at all, I felt myself being pulled into the intrigue and the PLOT. I think I hit the > (next page button thingy) key on my Nook faster than I ever have since I bought the thing! I couldn't read fast enough!

This was a quick, complex, and suspenseful  story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am delighted that I was given the chance to review it and recommend it to my peeps!

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