Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Tour: The Ripple in Space-Time

When the huge lunar Ultra Energy Laboratory is destroyed by a mysterious blast, Inspector Ryo Trop of the Free City Inquisitor's Office is called in to sort out who is responsible for the disaster.

Early reports imply that rogue moon miners are to blame but Ryo quickly discovers that a far more complex and sinister scheme is afoot.

With the help of a promising young Liaison Agent and a faltering Grad student, Ryo searches for clues and culprits in the corrupt and moldering feudal fiefdoms of the Warlords that dominate human affairs in 2445.

Ryo’s longtime friend, Biology Professor turned spy Malcolm Evans, suggests that the wave of space piracy that has recently vexed the Solar System could be connected to the obliteration of the lunar lab.

But why would reckless and marauding space raiders have an interest in a research facility?

My Thoughts:

I liked the concept very much. My curiosity was piqued by the notion that science fiction and mystery could be blended into a interesting story. After reading the summary of this book, I was definitely on board with a review!

This book isn't perfect. There are some rough spots, but the core of the book is pretty solid. I had moments where my imagination ran away with me as I envisioned the world that the characters lived in. The world that S.F. Chapman has created is full of potential. Space travel, space colonization, clones, and oh so much more are all topics that have a way of making me smile and an uber geek. So yes these aspects were amazeballs for me.

There are some good parts and some bad parts of my review. I'll start with the good.

I've already mentioned the world building is awesome. I feel like the world that the characters live in might just be THE main character sometimes. It certainly was one of the most interesting things about the book. That is a big compliment in my opinion as world building is rough stuff and creating one that makes my imagination run wild is a pretty darn good feat if you ask me.

Now for the bad..ish. Most of the characters feel pretty flat. I think if fleshed out a bit more that would have made them more memorable. The only character that felt "real" for me was Ryo. That I feel might be the biggest issue the book has.

So basically what this review is getting at..The Ripple in Space-Time is a flawed but fun, quick read with AWESOME world building but tragically flat characters. I was able to look past that and enjoy the heart and bones of the book.

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