Saturday, February 23, 2013

Squeee-A-Thon Read-a-thon: Starts Today Y'all

Innit a cutesy name for a read-a-thon? Best stamp a copyright on that bish or it will be stolen! Anyway, yesterday was supposed to be my "Don't do anything at all until I HAVE to work at 5pm" day, but instead it turned into (magically as if on it's own) a "Let's be super productive and set up posts for all the things I must post about until nearly the end of the month" day. Thusly, I have TIME y'all!

Soooo what does a smooth sophisticated woman like me decided to do with her new found free time? READ-A-THON!

So for this weekend, I might take it longer, I'll be reading whateverthehelliwant! I have a stack of books I've been wanting to crack into, but have had to put my commitment reads first. Not saying those reads are bad, but I still have yet to read my birthday book from my sweetie. So this weekend, I'm pwning that tome!

Now I'm not sure if I'll do status updates, but I probably will. I do so love to brag about how much I read! Pompous, much?

So starting in 1 hour look for update..cuz yeah ignore that about maybe not updating...I shall. You mayshouldsortajoin me! If you have been like me furiously ..well sorta mildly obsessively...looking for your next 'thon. HERE IT BE!

You know you wanna....I shall leave another Spike gif to convince you.

There that should do the trick! JOIN ME! :)


  1. I so wish I could join today... but alas, we have *two* birthday parties to go to and company coming tonite. :( I'm jealous! Lol. Enjoy your time!!!!!

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life

  2. You bad girl, trying to bribe people into your read-a-thon web with Spikey goodness! I've had guests staying this weekend AND I'm at work (grrrr) but I'm still trying to read the hell out of 'Warm Bodies' so that I'm done in time to go see the film on Tuesday. YAY ZOMBIE READING! :D

    1. I LOVED Warm Bodies! I saw it last week too. I read the book ahead of time. There are changes of course, but they are both awesome. I obviously have to say I love the book more but the movie was fun too!


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