Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Big Game Read-a-thon: Here I am!

Ladies and gentlemen, Nerdball sounds like my sort of sport! LOL Anyhoo, while most are preparing for FOOTBALL! *Grrrrr* I'll be preparing to read my face into between working and cleaning/cooking/mommying!

So this be where I'll lay my sweet sweet updates when I have them. Take care of challenges if there are any, and just chillax dude..

I got mah coffee, mah books, and I'm just about to grab some snackies for the day. READ ON Party Peeps!

Also we shall be twittering at this hashtag thingy: #superbowlreadathon So join us!

Update the 1st:
Book: One Grave at at Time-Jeaniene Frost

I hang my nerdy head in shame. I tried. I failed. I got stuck (mentally) on reddit and being silly with my short person that I did not read as much as I wanted. I did read, but like maybe 50 pages for the whole friggen day! Boo!

So yeah, peace!


  1. Love it! Nerdball! So glad to see you participating. I hope you enjoy the experience!

  2. Coffee!!! That's what I'm missing this morning! Too bad there's no milk or creamer in my house. Gahhhh. Happy Reading... LOVE Cat and Bones, and I'm soo behind on that series!

  3. Hope you have a great readathon. Good to meet you.

  4. I definitely like the sound of nerdball :) Happy reading!

  5. Need. More. Coffee. Best of luck on your reading today - it sounds like you'll have a very busy day!

  6. I wish I had time to participate today, but I have too much book organizing going on today. Darn!


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