Monday, February 18, 2013

The Ick Has Infected Me

I'm probably gonna be slow to post for the next few days. :( I've informed everyone I'm owing a review this week that me and my entire house have been slapped in the face with the ICK. So, yeah, it's been quite sucky. Usually I can catch some reading in between naps and coughing fits, but when both parent's are ill AND the kiddo..ain't no one got time for some sleep, let alone reading! :(

So I'm truly sorry that I have to postpone some posts. I hate doing it, but I just have not had the time/energy to read or bathe or..well you all know how it is.


  1. I hate being to sick to even read! Hopefully you and the family get some rest and start feeling better soon!

  2. Oh no, NOT THE ICK! I hope you feel better soon, and that the reading/bathing/everything else energy returns so you can at least be entertained and, y'know, CLEAN while you recuperate... :)

  3. Seems like it's been an extra bad winter for ick. Every time I turn around seems like someone else in our house has a new ick going on that they have to share with the rest of us. Hope you and the rest of your household can get feeling better quickly!

  4. Get well soon! Take all the time you need to read my book (The Chronicles of Trellah). My wife and I have 5 daughters, so, trust me, you have my sympathy when it comes to the ICK. Breathe well! :)

    Clint (aka T.S. Graham)


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