Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sunday Salon-4

I do not know what has gotten into me! January started off so very well! I stayed on schedule with reading/blogging, and kept everything up to date, and then it all went down hill. Gah! I know I lack organziation skills, but jeez! Anyway, today is what I consider a "light" work day, so I will work on sorting out the schedule and fixing up some posts.

I'm wondering how you guys do it? How do you keep everything running smoothly, AND not have it feel like a job? That's my big problem with schedules. I love my books, I love my blog, but when I have a schedule it just feels to ...imposing. I hope that makes sense? Like I cannot put this book down and pick up something else because it's on the schedule and I HAVE to review it by (insert date.) Like I almost resent the book I'm currently reading, which isn't fair to the book or me.

So I'm open to suggestions, advice, anything really!

So, goals. I do have some this week. I want to read 2-3 books, schedules all my meme posts in advance, and work on my blog calendar.



  1. Honestly? I have no schedule when it comes to my blog right now. I do the Sunday Salon but only if I have something I want to talk about (which recently I have, happily!) and once I finish a book I review it but since these are all my own books that I'm reading and reviewing for the fun of it, it's not as pressured. I got kind of put off by all of the requested reviews and required reading and goals/challenges/targets last year. Works really well for some people but not so much for me. So I just do it when and where I want to which results in more writing.

  2. I feel pressured when I have review books that are on a blog tour, which has a definite schedule, and I start to feel anxious days before. Afraid that I'll forget to post (I don't trust scheduled posts!); or that I won't get the book read in time.

    Lately, I've been reading those books way ahead and writing the review on a Word document, and then posting it on the day it's due.

    That has helped, but I still feel stressed. I have started accepting very few blog tours.

    This is supposed to be fun...right? lol

    Here's MY SUNDAY SALON POST and here’s

  3. I have just started back at Sunday Salon after a little break. The best thing to do is to find out what uses up your time. It can be surprising when you set down where your time goes. I divide a pie chart into twenty four sections and fill it in with what I do every day. By doing that I discovered that I spent a lot of time watching rubbish on the TV and Facebook! I cut down on those activities and found I had much more time to do activities I wanted to do.

    Hope this helps and good luck next week!

  4. I've definitely had those feelings, and I notice that my blogging slows when things are busy in other areas of my life. After all, blogging isn't a job, and I'm not getting paid (although I sure wish I was). I was reading a lot of review books lately, and so I just took a break and read some things that I knew would be quick, but that I really wanted to read. That helps. Good luck!

  5. I read what I want when I want and only blog when I feel like I have something to say. If I set goals or make a schedule I perversely make sure not to stick to them.

  6. I try to limit blog tours that demand a set blog date and am accepting more guest posts which I don't have to write myself. Then I grab the book that suits my mood of the moment or day...


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