Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Laws Of Amergin-Guest Post

The Seven Precepts of Amergin

Ordinary mankind was given stone tablets carved by the will of God with His commandments written on them. Our ExtraOrdinary laws are recorded on stone tablets with symbols to guard their hidden and secretive meanings. Many times throughout history when Ordinary man has experienced calamities or setbacks they have they tried to exterminate the ExtraOrdinary beings from their midst, you only have to remember events like the inquisition and witch hunts that swept Europe and American, to understand that the peace between those of us with ExtraOrdinary power and Ordinary humans is fragile. 

In spite of what Ordinary man has done to us, and our belief that it is best if we keep our talents hidden from the Ordinary world, we believe it is the sacred responsibility of ExtraOrdinary beings to protect this planet and even Ordinary mankind from the ShiningOnes, because it seems that they are indeed returning for our common homeland.

Therefore we will share with you the laws that we live by, the Seven Precepts of Amergin, the greatest of all Druids.
  • First: Labor diligently to acquire knowledge, for it is power.
  • Second: When in authority, decide fairly among all men, for thy authority may one day cease.
  • Third: Bear with fortitude the ills of life, remembering that no mortal sorrow is eternal.
  • Fourth: Love and respect virtue for it brings peace and prosperity.
  • Fifth: Abhor vice for it makes men wicked and slothful.
  • Sixth: Obey those in authority, in all just things so that virtue may be exalted.
  • Seventh: Cultivate the social values, so what is good for one will be good for many and you shall be loved by all men.
We hope that in these laws you see we have the same righteous intentions in life that you do. There must be no dispute between us, if we are to defeat the ShiningOnes, who even as you read this plot to seize our world again.

                The Colloquy of Elders

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