Monday, March 21, 2011

What Are You Reading? 3/21

So going along with my Sunday post, here are the two books that I plan on reading and review this weekend!

This Week:
Planned review on Weds. 23rd
Planned review on Friday 25th

Ongoing (plan on reading in chunks til finished)
I have this book scheduled for review on April 2nd

Still reading for The Lost Entwife's read-a-long (Wanna catch up completely too!)

On My Nook
This is really very good!! I love Zombies!!!

A brief explanation of these selections. It LOOKS like I have a lot, but the first two are my top priority, then of course the read-a-long comes next, and then if I have any time/mental-power left then the rest get read!

So what are you reading?


  1. Gayle's book is on my list, I love her other series so I can't wait to read the cake one.


  2. I have two new projects coming up. My reading load will be out of control next month. Come see what I read.


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