Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sunday Salon for 3/20

The Sunday

As you all can see I took a few days off from blogging. I did not however take a break from reading! In fact, I have spent a LOT more time reading lately than I have in a while. Unfortunately, I've been going through yet another case of Book ADD. I've got three books going all at once, so you can imagine my brain is a big mushy puddle of word-goo.

So after giving it much thought, earlier today I whipped out my planner and PLANNED!! *cue Law and Order sound*

I have planned out my reading for this month and next month! I have dates that reviews are going to be posted, and baring extreme illness/lack of internet/zombie apocalypse they shall be posted on that date! Sounds lame, but this is the push I think I need. I have so many awesome books just stacked on my desk that I just feel so guilty and lazy for not zipping through them like I know I can and should. This will put the fire under my tushie and get me more organized.

I have also decided on a few weekly memes to commit to doing each week. I'll stick with these for now:
  • What Are You Reading? -Monday
  • Tuesday Teasers-Tuesday
  • Mailbox Saturday-Saturday
  • Sunday Salon-Sunday
I think this should help me keep my blog in good shape and current. So go me!

Well that is all for now! Look out for Monday! My son is back to school and I am going to get MUCH more reading done (woot!) Can't believe it's Spring already! I'll be sitting on my porch with a glass of lemonade and a book soon!

Here is a list of all the other participants of The Sunday Salon:

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