Thursday, September 15, 2011

Read Your Own Books-a-Thon

This is a read-a-thon hosted by The Bibliophilic Book Blog and runs from 9pm (8pm my time) on Thursday night until Sunday at 9pm (again..8pm.) I have a ton of review books to read! Awesome right? But what about my wee little books that I've picked up just for fun? They get put on the sidelines...well not this weekend! Nuh huh! I am going to give them the attention they deserve!  Do you have some you need to spend some quality time with? Well here be the rules for the 'thon:

- Read Your OWN books
- Runs from 9pm on Thursday the 15th (EST)...some of my posts might be a bit off since I am 11 hours ahead of EST in KST. Sorry for that...anyway it will run until Sunday the 18th at 9pm (EST). This should give everyone some time to participate.- GIVEAWAYS (DUH!?!) I personally am giving away a Nook original in a cover. I am also giving away multiple audiobooks and whatever else strikes my fancy. In order to enter the giveaway for the Nook you must will be finished when the read-a-thon is over. So...start planning. (International Welcome)

My Stack Looks as Such:
  • Married with Zombies (finish)
  • The Last Book in the Universe
  • Shut Out
  • Ada 
and if I'm feeling really ambitious I'll attempt these (but only if books above are finished)
  • Lord of the Vampires (ebook)
  • Hellbent (ebook)
  • Halo (ebook)
So what do you think? I know you wanna join up ;) 

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