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Blog Tour: Sinexia

The Mark of Perillius: Sinexia, Book One
About Sinexia: The Mark of Perillius:
SINEXIA is a bastard world that never should have existed. Its birth was an accident. Born of war and anointed with savagery, its lands were conquered by magicians, monsters, and creatures that some would revere as gods or demons. Just as Earth holds Sinexia's Origin, Sinexia holds the fate of the Earth. The Sinexia series chronicles the events that bind Earth and Sinexia. Read them and become engrossed in the tales of honor, love, despair, and action that cycle in a ring of creation and cataclysm. The Mark of Perillius follows the adventures of a young orphan who inherits the powers and abilities of his fabled ancestor. He is taken from the only normalcy he has ever known and tossed into a world of mystery and magic. Once there, he must learn to master his newfound abilities while encountering a host of rich characters, places of wonder, and dire situations.

The orphan's name is Emberillius. He begins his journey as a sixteen year old young boy. He must spend nine long years in Sinexia if he is to have any chance at all of saving the Earth from an impending catastrophe. It is during this time that he learns about love, war, hate, responsibility, life, death, good, evil, and sacrifice as he matures into a man. Through the trails of life an orphan is forged into a hero.

My Review:  
I love the fantasy genre. I love the storytelling and creative license that writers have with this style of book. I had mixed feelings about this book. So in this review,  I'll focus on the positives of Sinexia first and the negatives last, just to be fair.

Emberillius is quite a  unique character. I find him really interesting in the fact that he's thrust into his destiny just as we are thrust quickly into the story. There is very little adjustment time, but he takes up his role and rises to the occasion. I think this is a great character. The story is rather impressive too. There are two Earths. One with magic and one without. That's awesome! The possibilities are endless with this set up! :)  All in all the bones of this book are great. The plot and most of the characters are well thought out and intriguing. Also, if you love action this book does not lack any at all. You have plenty of delicious action scenes to nosh on!
Now, because this story starts off so quickly there are times where the story seems rushed and doesn't quite make sense. It caused me to pause and wonder about the characters actions and behaviors. The start was definitely NOT the strong part of the book.  I did however enjoy not having to plod through tons of back story and explanations just to get to the meat of this book.  I thought that at times the writing was a bit stilted. Characters sounded rather robotic and stiff. This was especially true in the beginning, but as I said that is not the strong part of the story. So the stilted dialogue, may have just been the fact that this is his first book, at least I believe that it is.

I give this a C+. The story is strong, it has it's defects but the heart of the story is where it's at. If you like lots of action in your fantasy then this is for you! I applaud Mr. Perry for his efforts and I wish him the very best!

**i received a free copy in exchange for an honest review***


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