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~Legion's Lawyers by Vince Aiello~ Thriller Review

Title: Legion’s Lawyers
Author: Vince Aiello
Publisher: SarEth Publishing
Pages: 296
Genre: Thriller
Format: Hardcover/Paperback/Kindle

LEGION’S LAWYERS, the latest thriller by Vince Aiello about the Legion law firm, dissects, in Aiello’s signature punchy style, the driving ambition within the firm and its deadly consequences. The firm’s head, Roger Legion, has appeared in Aiello’s previous books about the firm, LEGAL DETRIMENT and THE LITIGATION GUY. Readers have developed mixed reactions to Legion, who is both a brutal taskmaster and a great litigator. Love him or hate him, all look forward to his appearance in the story. Legion believes the courtroom is like a gladiatorial arena, where he will do whatever it takes to win.

Previous Legion books have dealt with a heist by lawyers and a terrorist attack on the Coronado Bay Bridge, in San Diego.  In LEGION’S LAWYERS, Roger Legion finds himself the target of a drug cartel and more than one team of assassins.

Aiello writes books that are “screenplay-ready,” with tight scenes, strong dialogue, and a three-act structure. “I am drawn to authors who have also written for the screen,” Aiello says, citing such writers as Rod Serling, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and William Peter Blatty.

Aiello also writes a song for each of his books, which is featured in the story. The complete lyrics appear at the end of the books.  For a scene in LEGION’S LAWYERS, Aiello composed a song titled “All I Know.” A music video is pending, but the song can be heard on YouTube at

The author’s combination of hard-boiled legal action accompanied by its own, built-in soundtrack makes for an irresistible reading, listening – and potentially viewing – experience.

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My Review: 
 Legion's Lawyers was a fast paced, action packed, intense read. I really did enjoy it very much! I felt like Aiello has a really sturdy grasp on creating characters that are fully fleshed out and real. The plot was intricate and read almost like a cinematic lawyer drama. I could see this book easily converted to film without any problems, except maybe who to cast.

My one and only tiny gripe (and this is totally nitpicky) are the explanations of what seem like totally obvious things.

For example:
"That stuff you have is all seeds. Oh, man, now I gotta go on a tweak mission."
A tweak mission was a search to find crack.


"All right, " Artie announced with a victory smile. "Get the mortar and pestle, our favorite spoon, and the hype-stick."
These were the tools a junkie would use to create a liquid form of the drug. The hype-stick was a hypodermic needle.

(quotes taken from pages 54 and 55)

There WERE some parts that needed an explanation like this, but some of them seemed a bit too much. Maybe I've just been watching too many crime dramas or something?

Those instances were the only parts I felt pulled out of the moment. They were few, so take my nitpicks however you like.

I really did like this book and it definitely made me more curious about Aiello's other books
About the Author

Vince Aiello grew up in upstate New York before moving to Southern California where he attended California Western School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in both New York and California.  LEGION’S LAWYERS is his third novel.  His earlier novels, LEGAL DETRIMENT and THE LITIGATION GUY, were both acclaimed bestsellers.
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