Monday, June 9, 2014

What's on my Reading Plate this week?
This fun weekly meme is hosted by Bookjourney! Sometimes I join in and sometimes..oftentimes I forget about it! :( I'm a bad book blogger!

This week is going to be very very busy...but first!

My Spontaneous Random..Blah blah Readathon was quite fun! Didn't do a darn thing this weekend but read and watch netflix! Woot! I finished up 1 book, got a good dent made in one more, AND finished Once Upon a Time. I have been feeling the withdrawal symptoms already. :(

Anyhoo, here is my stack for this week!

Both of these are blog tour reads. I have a ginormous TBR stack so if I do get done with these before the end of the week I may add some more!

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  1. I need to have my own readathon right now. *thinking* I can't wait for the new episodes of Once Upon a Time. Until then, I'm enjoying Orange is the New Black. Have you watched that series before? Have a good week.


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