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State of Infection by @Zom_Novel_Frey

Sci-Fi / Horror

Date Published: March 6, 2014

Just months before the Battle of Central Park and the onset of the Second Civil War, President Obama declares martial law in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as Montoya’s encephalopathy spreads. Despite the military’s best efforts, the government falls and Manhattan is reborn as a city-state under a military dictatorship. Survivors Mike Calaf, and Avalon Calendar struggle to survive, caught between the zombies and the new ruler of New York. But long before the zombie infection, during the First Civil War, Doctor William Jackson (of the Confederate States of America) is trying to unravel the mystery behind this strange new sickness. He knows that if Complex P fails to work, there could be devastating consequences which might influence the future of mankind.

My Review:
 State of Infection starts off as the zombie outbreak starts, with Mike (a doctor) and Avalon (his friend's sorta girlfriend mostly booty call) and how they deal with the Zombie Apocalypse. I really liked Mike from the start He was honest about what he was thinking and wasn't the typical "hero" type. Avalon started off as someone I was rather luke-warm about, but developed very quickly. They had a great chemistry and had some very funny interactions on occasion. 

I liked the way that this story unfolded. There is a back and forth between the present and the past, to explain the outbreak. This could have been rather confusing but the way that Frey did this made it very easy to follow and understand. A great idea for a plot device! 

The book is a very quick read that caught me straight from the start and help my zombie loving attention all the way to the end! 

The only thing I can say that I didn't like was the way Mike kept calling them Zaps. Zaps is just too cutesy of a word to use for a monster that wants to eat all your innards!

Michael J. Frey

Michael Frey is a physician and assistant professor in New York City. He has been published numerous times as a short storyist and poet, but this is his first zombie novel. He lives in New York with his wife, two children and two dogs.

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