Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Tour: The Grim

Strain in the neck, pulsating and bleeding eye. Jaycee Baynes awakens in the hospital with the sound of gun fire echoing in her head. She doesn't remember much about May 23rd. All she knows for certain is that she did indeed kill her ex-lover-and isn't the slightest remorseful. Now, incarcerated at an in-patient psychiatric facility, she must attempt to regain her memory of the event that shattered her world to its very core. Gripped by both psychosis and her desperation to know the truth, Jaycee faces the long dark of recovery to seemingly endless obstacles of doubt and mystery. Haunted daily by the presence of her bullet-riddled ex, Jaycee teeters on the edge of reality, knowing that, without her ex's help, she may never escape the prison that has become...The Grim.

My Thoughts: 
This wasn't an easy book to get into, but after a few chapters you are instantly drawn in. This is a book about mental illness, mystery, murder, and healing. After the initial slow start this book begins to pick up the pace and really get going. Jaycee is someone you want to learn about. Her situation is a bit messed up, so she's got a LOT to deal with.

The cast of characters range from friendly to despicable and each have their secrets. Don't let the cover fool you, this was a well written book that has plenty to sink your teeth into.

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