Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Status Update

Well kiddos, I have had two major set backs in my blogging time. First...our ac unit..the MAIN one broke. The repair guy says it sounds like the motor. It will take a few days plus the weekend (and Labor Day) to get it here. So til then I am hot. Not the good kind of hot that every woman strives for, but sweaty in places that shouldn't be sweaty, wanting to sit in a cold bath, and putting ice down your shirt/pants, kind  of hot. We have fans, but those of you that are familiar with "Southern Heat" knows that a fan just circulates the hot. So I have been less inclined to do much of anything really.

So then there is the computer issue. Our older one (bless her heart she lasted almost 7 years!) finally quit us, leaving us in the lurch. I work online and since it was in between paydays we were forced to rent one. We finally scraped together enough cash to get a HP and were all happy and content, until that one started to overheat......Yup. Our new new computer went toe up too. So we had to take it back. We got another new one..that was a little cheaper and invested in a new power supply thingy. (My husband is the techie here not me, obviously!) So...that should settle us.

So here I be, sweltering until the repair guy comes. Trying to get some files transferred to the new computer, before we have to give the rented computer back and trying to maintain some cleaning and order when all I want to do is collapse and sleep until Winter!

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