Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: The Girls of Murder City

The Girls of Murder City: Fame, Lust, and the Beautiful Killers who Inspired Chicago

Have you seen the awesomeness that is the movie/play Chicago? Well this is the story of the women that inspired the story! They were insta-celebrities and all that they had to do was knock off a few annoying men! This book is brief history of some of the first well-known female murderers of the 20's, and the female reporter that covered some of their stories.

Back in the 20's, when gangsters were feared yet adored, it was thought that women were incapable of murder. Unless a man made the do it! The thought that the weaker sex could be vicious enough to pop a cap in someone or stab someone was unthinkable! Then one day it was noticed that WOMEN were starting to do more violent crimes...GASP...getting arrested for killing their spouses or boyfriends left and right! (Not really but it seemed that way to some) What was this unusual turn of events? Everyone was intrigued and needed to know what was happening..thus newspapers flocked to the prisons to interview these lawless ladies and get their stories first!

Enter Maurine Watkins, the woman that got the biggest scoop of them all and wrote the musical Chicago. She pushed through the boundaries and got the hard hitting stories that were usually reserved for men. Her employers thought her soft and feminine ways would get her in the good graces of the female criminals so she was put on their cases!

This was a very interesting book to crack open and dive into! I enjoyed this little dose of history! The Jazz Age is a very chaotic and thrilling time in American culture! So many things were happening all at once! Women's roles in modern life were changing. Racial tensions were mounting. Prohibition was creating all sorts of troubles and criminals. This book was entertaining, thought provoking, and wonderful!

Not my usual cup of tea but still very delicious nonetheless! I recommend it for the history buff, true crime buff, and anyone in between!

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